Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Metal work with Bridge

Today we had to move to the dance room thanks to heating installation  - we couldn't get a lot of our supplies that we needed so we had to improvise!

Today we were making things with wire. 




Next we had to make scultpures out of tin foil - we had to make it work - make it able to stand up.
We made a lot of cool creations for example gas masks, dolphins...

We also took foil pans and etched designs in them with skewers and wiped paint on it to make the details more visible.

"Materials were the challenge today".
"I met the challenge to not hurt myself - another challenge was using wire - being cautious not to get cut."
"It was fun!"
"I learned how to make make up with paint".
(Panda started making face paint for Friday at the Art Walk, where we'll be face painting for Halloween.)

I really think the artists rose to the occasion, as I introduced a new material, with no tools and very little instruction (except "work it out. solve the problem. keep going.") I increased the contrast on the pics of their wire forms so I hope they can see the fantastic lines they made. Getting out of our comfort zones (literally, this week!) is great for remembering what the creative process is really about: experimentation, problem solving, persistence, and "getting out of your head" and following the lead of the material. And only one sliced thumb on the foil. Well done, crew.

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