Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Improvisations and improvements...

Hi this is Pia, the blogger for today! 
   Today we started by reading the latest BAM newsletter, then Panda shared her scrapbook. After that we went over what we would do today. First we did free draw. During it, Al came in and showed us an art piece that he made at an art workshop. It was a piece of bent-up metal mounted on a (beautiful) piece of wood with poems written on it. 

Then Oktakugirl22, Sparkle04, and Panda made a mixed media abstract landscape, complete with splatter paint fireworks. It's pretty awesome. 

After that we worked together to finish the bathroom stencil project that we started last week (transforming the dingy basement bathroom with cutout stencils and spray paint).
Maria, making a contact paper stencil.

One bathroom wall beautified!

After that we put some stuff away in the supply closet and cleaned up. 

PS... during Share, Pia braided Alice's hair:


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Creativity AND focus???!!!

Finishing up some old stuff - sand art dragon gets some bling (sequins).

Putting a bag of wooden blocks from the supply closet to good use!

Gold paint makes the horn.

Claudia's Mom checks out the finished art puzzle.

Elias and Athena improvise a conceptual piece called "Hat Dance".

I think Elias summed it up best today when he said,
"If Bridge was McDonald's, I'd say I'M LOVIN IT, but it's not. 
It's a lot less greasy and a lot more fun… and my gold fingers are the proof." 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Old Group (Almost) is back together!

Today we worked on our alphabet poster for our art show, to sell. We made art using oil pastels to make a piece of artwork to go with the letters we have chosen. So far we have C, X, U, D and Bridget did H. C for cat, H for hippo, X for xylophone, U for unicorn and D for dragon.
The group was wicked small and it was fun. We're looking to add a couple of more people.
Elias shared a drawing he just did of root beer with ice in it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shadow puppets

Shadow of part of the real Chinese shadow puppet

Today we made shadow puppets. We watched a DVD of a lady from China who makes shadow puppets out of leather. We used paper instead. During our work we got to hear some piano players practice for a upcoming event on the 20th; which was great.
Athena's jointed dragon wing..

Elias' looks great as a shadow or as a papercut
on a background.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridge Visits the Print Studio at Waterfall Arts

Today at Bridge we did Monoprints and we made all kinds of cool designs and we used the press to make the prints. It was so cool.
We had the full Bridge group of new kids and today was just so cool!
Thank you Karin for teaching us monoprints. I wish I had the press at my house so I could make them and show my family how.  - Athena

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Suminagashi !

Today we did Suminagashi. A Japanese art where we dip horsehair paintbrushes in sumi ink. Then the paintbrush is dipped in water, and after a while we spread a piece of paper into the inky water. Then there you have it! A beautiful of Japanese artwork.
An artist noticed the beauty of ink
falling from the surface.

Working to the sound of bamboo flute...
Artists decided to make and sign their works with a "chop".