Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bridges... CONNECTED !

Today we joined the two groups together and named the old group OP for Original Posse and the new group Bridge. Also we got a new epic intern named Maggie who will help Bridget not lose her mind.
We also got to know each other and we're becoming a really good group. It seems like we all have a little bit of the same creative ideas after our Spontaneous game. I can tell when this group stays together we are going to be a very weird big (creepy) family. But Bridget loves us.
We got 3d glasses to wear for a bit and draw with the Spirograph .
We got to do a project together where we sat on the floor and we paired up and we had a paper and went to different stations to draw whatever Bridget said to draw (for instance draw a geometric shape) and it was really fun.
We had a really great time, bye bye.

Some of us volunteered to staff stations at the big draw!! It's happening this weekend on Saturday from 11-2!!!
Hope to see you there.
 bye bye...

Pss- Maggie here! I'm really excited to join the Bridge group as an intern. I had a lot of fun today, and enjoyed meeting all of the kids in the group. Everyone is very creative and has a diverse amount of imaginative and fantastic ideas! Everyone is very nice and I feel very welcomed in the group.

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