Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Donuts FTW.

Hi this is Party Pony :-)

Today we worked a bit more with metal (after we had a snack that consisted of capri suns and DOUGHNUTS!). We were trying out a style of mexican metal poking/lantern making called Hojalata to get ready for THE GLOW SHOW (yay!!!!!!!). How we did it was we took sheets of metal cut from dollar -store baking pans and used nails to poke holes and engrave lines in them. Then some of us colored them in with sharpie. After we finished that some of us went to draw on the sharpie wall mural in the hallway and some of us started sketching ideas for making shrinky-dink mini-windows (an activity for next week). Also, cross-country ended today so we got Joe back : ).    

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