Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Photography with The Elder Bridgers

Hi this is Panda. Today we took photos outside at the waterfall arts we all had our favorite photos:
My best picture is the yellow flower:

My favorite picture of Trinity's is "pigface"

Trinity's favorite of hers (and anyone's) is the pink tree that looks like a painting.

Maria's picture of the statue is cool.

Trinity's photography tip: crop! She cropped her sketchbook challenge today, too:

Olivia's tip: Make sure the camera is still when you take a picture!

Pia's favorite picture she took, then her picture the rest of us liked:
Savanna took a hard-to-get picture on the swings:

Some others...

Not bad, for having a ten minute lesson on taking great photos, and no time to get used to the cameras!! Thanks to everyone who loaned us their cameras for today - it was so much fun.. even on a gloomy drizzly day! 

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  1. Great photos! I hope you take some more photos soon.