Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Paint and chalk!

Today we started with sharing our stuff and a creative challenge. Nick shared his "Internal organs of the Cuttlefish Man" and Izzy shared her crazy people. We got comments like "you inspire me ", "i really like that because..." and "I like how you took your idea further.." I think we should do it again!

We painted these little square shaped things Bridget cut out and we want to know what it is but Bridget says it's a mystery... she will explain it to us all at once. We used chalk and colored the background of our Exquisite Corpses and smooshed it in with other chalk colors.

Three out of six people were working on their DreamCastle rooms and also working on the room of our former member, Claudia.

Next week we'll have the seventh graders join us on OUR Wednesday and we will be paired up by our artist's bio's to do art together.

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