Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dream castle bridge day 2 (by Elias)

Today we played spontaneous, and pictionary. 

We also worked more on our project for our name. We used all sorts of supplies pastels, water colors, pencils, mixed media and more!

"When working on the floor, careful where you put your KNEE." - Aidan

Adding 3D cut outs to the rooms of the castle..
 Today I worked on the sky and clouds in water pastel and chalk.
We had really awesome day and hope you enjoy the pics!    

PS.  Sadly however Claudia one of our bridge partners left for another class :(

(from Bridget: Claudia came to Bridge by mistake last week! She's actually enjoying Linda Stec's famous Wonders of Clay class across the hall now! Hopefully, she'll post some of her work on our FB page!)

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