Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SUMINAGASHI for the Original Posse...

hello i am trinity one of the old bridgers, today we did some very relaxing time and making what is called suminagashi. What we do is use sumi ink that were made out of elements of the earth - not all but some. The paint brushes were made out of horse hair and bunny hair. It's like we used the earth and nature to make our paintings. It's very calm and soothing even after you have had some bad luck . But over all the paintings and art projects i have done this is the one that is the best and the one that i love love love love love the most!

until the next blog this is goodbye

From Ethan, who is BACK:
Hello I'm zombie. We just did japanese art which was amazing.

Bonus! Some Sumi paintings...
by Maria

by Olivia
(from Bridget: THIS GROUP NEEDS MORE ZEN! Amazing things happen when in The Zone....wonder if we can swing that after adding 8 sixth graders into the mix?)

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