Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weirdo's Inc. : First day of Bridge

Today we introduced each other and we made Exquisite Corpses.

 Today we also drew in our Waterfall Arts sketchbooks. We answered our artist's bio's and said what our favorite colors are, favorite materials, what we're best at, like to be better at, etc.
Everyone does what works for them. Nick found a table perfect for standing at!

We drew rooms for the DreamCastle! We built rooms of things that we are most creative with and then we're putting them all together to make a project called Dreamcastle... which is the name of our group, sort of.
"We had a really great time on our first day!"

Elias, Aidan, Athena, Izzy, Claudia, and Nick!

 (even snack turns into art. Animal cracker horse in saddle and bridle, by Athena.)

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