Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Last day to prep for our Art Show

Finishing, matting, framing, creating Artist Statements, nominating for Creative Genius awards, making signs... and drawing with Sharpies on the skirt I'll wear to the opening. BUSY DAY.

We've been starting with Creative warm-Ups, and it's been a blast. I give the artists a random object and they have to spontaneously explain what it is... just so long as it isn't what it ACTUALLY is. It's a great mental stretch, and always ends up going on and on for second and third rounds as kids' creativity gets "warmed up" and things get REALLY interesting...

< -----   This is NOT a picture frame.

writing PERSONAL INVITATIONS to the opening!

Creating labels.

Finding the perfect frame

And today's Happy Accident... meet Punk Pegasus. 
Savanna's drawing was visited by Pia's paper friend...

Here's the invite for the opening! Please stop by and say hello!

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