Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In the Gallery with the Bridge crew!

SLast week we started by visiting the print show currently in the gallery at Waterfall.
Of course, it was great to see our very own piece in the show...

But everyone found a favorite print by another artist, too!

But everyone gravitated toward these psychedelic screen prints by Kyla and James Quigley. They chose James' print to do a deep look  - basically an adapted version of VTS I've wanted to try out with them. Wish I had enough memory on my phone for the first part, which is simply, "what do you see?" As you can imagine, that was a solid 15 minutes of these guys finding every single detail of this image.

Here are some responses to, "what do you think the artist was thinking or trying to convey?" and "what does this artwork do for you?"

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