Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Our own street?! Thanks, Belfast!
"Belfast is the artsiest most creative place to live ever."

Today we went downtown to hide some artwork around!
It was an interesting trip!
We got inspired by Bren Bataclan who puts paintings around the world to cheer people up. We brought a whole bag of rocks that we designed and some artwork - but there wasn't a lot of artwork to go around.

But try to find it!!!!

Maria places a happy stone while others create a diversion.

We passed by our pal Susan at the High Street Gallery and stopped in -
she was working on a painting.  She told us how she learned the lesson:
DON'T MESS WITH YOUR ARTWORK. Someone wants it just the way it WAS...

We created another diversion with our poster-cape while the ladies
 pulled a Banksy at the library and hid some arwork...

James and Kyla might come back to have an interview!

and next week we're getting new members!

We got our awards at the end. I got the Anime Expert and Olivia got the Helpful Creator.
It says
"We the members of Bridge have witnessed your creativity, and as fellow Next Generation local Artists and Creatives, give you our full support.
You are a valuable member of our creative community, and your talents deserve to be nurtured.
In other words, More Art Please!"

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