Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bridge Party #4 !


 Today was a very experimental day for Bridge. For most of the session, there were only three of us. Talk about bonding time! :) After a while, another student came, and we all gave him a big welcome. (No, seriously. I think yelling his name and telling him how happy we were to see him is considered an awesome welcome.)

For the first part of Bridge, The three of us attempted to make tiny little glass mosaics. They came out pretty well, but we had to restart once because the cement hardened so fast that we couldn't put the tiles in.

    We got to play with our mess ups, and we made some awesome paintings on the hardened cement. When our other friend showed up, we knew exactly what to do, so he got to make his mosaic easily. Thanks to mistakes, of course.


    Though there were only four of us at this party, it made it a lot easier to make stuff, and we also got a lot of more one-on-one time with Bridget. But the snacks disappeared just as fast, and if not, even faster than with a full group.

Maria and Savanna work together with
mixed media, while Katie put finishing
touches on last week's project.
Bad news makes for great art: Joe's little brother destroyed
the cover to his copy of Wrinkle In Time... so he got online,
found a version of the cover he liked better, and replicated it!
Took some serious design planning - totally worth it.
I had much fun experimenting in the small group. I think it's even more fun this way! Our art show will be here at Waterfall Arts on Friday, May 9, from 5:00 to 7:00! Everyone is invited! Hope to see you there!

Best regards, and More Art Please,

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