Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the mask wreck

Today we made masks and one mask fell and broke on the floor but others were a success and did not fail and fall as others did.


Landon's mask...

We were being detailed on our masks today [with paint]- Landon

Kaleb had a great idea and created etchings on some linoleum
floor tiles we'd been using under our clay!

On Saturday that's is a party,and u have to pay 5.00 to get in and kids are free under 14. Because we we need money for the projects and more art supplies.Thank you for looking at your blog and coming to the party and don't for get to dress up for the fun. THANK YOU ALL!

*editor's note:
This was written by Kaleb; there is no art party fundraiser for art supplies... Yet. It's actually not a bad idea! Raising money came up because we'd like to do plaster masks but I don't have the plastercraft strips to do that project.

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