Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last Day :(

Hey it is Otakugirl22 today was our last day. For our last day we made a diorama all about us and they were all amazing and Ethan brought cupcakes again. Thanks to Bridget we all get to come back again yay! I can not wait until Tuesday and see what will have in store for us so stay tune for the epicness group continues!! BYE see you next time.

P.S don't forget to come to the art show on May 9th!!!

step 1: photo shoot. The imagining artist.
Step 2: printing, cutting out, and placing the mini-me.
Step 3: What's in that creative noggin of yours?

Savanna consults Google images for, of course, Anime references.

Teacher held hostage under hood of sky blue tissue paper: check.

Come check these out in person!!

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