Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last day of Belfast Bridge 2... NOT!

(Today I got to share the great news that we'll run Bridge two days a week, so this group can continue on while new kids can start a session that runs on Wednesdays. I can't believe the office folks didn't hear the screams. Another round of "OMG!" squealing and screeching when I announced we had CLAY. Thanks to Linda Stec and Hector for the clay donations, to Pia's mom for yummy peanut butter bars, Tori's grandma for donut holes, and Al Crichton for the FLOAM! And of course, to St. Margaret's for funding this program that's making these young artists so happy.)

Lake: I had fun.
Pia: So glad we can keep going! Savannah is an amazing singer of Japanese stuff!
Katie: Well, I had  a lot of fun doing the clay and I think that Bridget could be a superhero and if she was one she would be named Bridgeamazing. [and thank you for not telling us what we have to do with the clay!]
Joe: Clay is awesome!!!!
Ethan: <crickets> <thinking......>  It was fun. <waves>
Olivia: Duhhh....umm. me eat clay clay. yummy. J.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tori: Absent at the moment... back now this is what she said: I love Tom and Jerry and I drew a picture  of Jerry and it was seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


<----This is 6th graders glued to a "hilarious" 1969 episode of Gumby. The weirdness of the Gumby series can't be expressed in words.
I love You Tube in the classroom! Without it we also could not have been treated to an encore performance of whatever Japanese song this is...  I love how these guys are so psyched to show off their talents to each other! I hope they entirely skip the "everything is embarassing" stage and keep on this track of unabashed awesomeness. Could *you* do this in sixth grade?
<<sorry folks, this blogsite is super wonky, and won't upload videos today>>

Sooooooooooooo that basically sums it up...
At the beginning we had a share of some kids' work. Ethan shared an altered version of himself and an abstract semi-geometrical drawing. It was his first time volunteering to show his sketchbook and we loved it! Pia shared a drawing of horse head that she made while Ethan had been talking. Maria shared a bunch of her drawings! Joe shared two great oil pastel drawings he did.

Bridget mentioned how cool it is that we want to spend so much time sharing our work with each other and talking about it. Katie talked about how in a regular art class some people don't trust each other so that makes it difficult for some people to share their artwork freely:

"...but with bridge, it's a whole other story. You feel almost pushed by yourself to share your stuff because if you have some ability that nobody knows about and you've kept it that way well, wooptydoo, join Bridge because you can trust these little wacko's here : ) I've been with these people for 14 weeks and I'm telling you, you can express yourself without worrying that it will effect your social life. You know how middle schoolers are like that... nothing's negative and that's what I really like.
Some people feel that their artwork isn't worthy of being in front of people and they're afraid. Maybe they're shy. With Bridge, you can trust the people here - if you don't want to share you don't have to, but maybe Bridge could be that one stepping stone for you where you could really let yourself be free. Thats how it was for me.
I came to Bridge and shared my artwork, and everyone was listening contently as if they wanted to hear and see more! I was able to let myself loose and let people know who I truly was ... to be able to finally be myself in front of everybody and to be able to trust people it was almost like a dream!
And that's why I love Bridge."


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