Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A New Day At Bridge :D :D :D

Hey whats up my name is OtakuGirl22 and here with Panda. Today was the first day of our 15th week at Bridge yay Today we did Zentangle. Zentangle means to meditate and doodling it was so  interesting to see all the cards with all those designs on it. They break it down to make the complex designs easy some of us did Zentangle while the rest of us did free draw. Maria randomly started making a sculpture with straws! While Panda made a jump rope out of straws it was so cool. This will be the most awesome 7 weeks ever!!!
                        Peace out From panda and OtakuGirl22


Pia creates an invitation for the next Art Party
Maria goes nuts with straws and tape.

Olivia's highly functional straw creation!

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