Monday, February 24, 2014


Yup. That's them, officer.

< --- The Ice Breaker: choose a swatch. Find the person named on the back, and tell them your worst and best moments as an artist. It took some prodding and "reminding" but I heard some great (and sad!) disclosures.
As you can see, I was prepared for the ELEVEN rsvp's ..a record number for a Saturday affair... but it looks like some folks slept in (and some were home with stomach flu. Bummer.)

Thanks to Ethan and Sue for CUPCAKES!!!

NEVADA WINS for sticking it out as the only Searsport representative at the party. She and Savanna were "buddies" for the day and worked together during out team game of artistic Simon Says. In one minute increments, artists were tasked with commands like "draw your favorite geometric shape twice, in different sizes " and "switch materials. Now fill in an enclosed space." It was really interesting to see the compositions gel, from the initial "this is awkward" to (mostly non-verbal) collaboration.


Next project! Accordian books using dyed coffee filters as decorative papers for covers. Handmade books must have special, made-it-myself papers if you ask me! These came out beautifully - and looks great, drying in the windows!

Gluing skills are of utmost importance for a great book.

We managed a SECOND book - a watercolor cover with flap and tie!
Beautiful work, and amazing that we got all of that done in 2 hours!!

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  1. What you all made is so creative - favorite is the circle of color against the security wired window. Thanks!