Sunday, February 23, 2014

Searsport Bridge comes to Belfast: 2 lucky ladies and lots of supplies!

Manipulated photo, taken by Sophie in the parking lot.
The beginnings of Sophie's trippy landscape.

Jennifer put Packaging tape transfer to good use -
there's text layered over the tree limbs.

Mixed Media continues - Sophie adds tissue paper to
give lots of texture, plus some transfer work.

Time to mess around with extra copies of the photo
actually resulted in two really cool pieces!
I really enjoyed getting to put out a bunch of stuff (a ton of old acrylics from the supply closet, a couple canvasses, scrap box, gel medium, my camera phone and computer for editing...) and just letting these two do their thing. I just gave some suggestions,  troubleshooting ideas, and showed the "life changing" technique of image transfer using packaging tape. In two hours they just cranked out these fantastic art pieces, with the attitude of just playing with the materials, seeing where it goes...
Days like this it really drives me nuts, imagining middle schoolers not having art class, let alone opps for just freely exploring materials and ideas.

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