Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vacation Week = Small Groups = Use of Stove and other Treats.

We peeled, sorted, and melted crayons for a crayon-batik project I found online.

We then painted with the hot wax on fabric. It took longer than anticipated - Joe managed to cover his.

Into a bucket of black dye, after crunching
 the fabric into a ball.

The kids went home.. I ironed off the wax for at least an hour. Thankful there were only four to be done! It gave me plenty of time to assess why I didn't get the results the blogger did. The wax didn't majorly crack apart as hoped for - I think adding the optional paraffin would've helped. Covering the whole space with wax would've been ideal, and next time I'd skip use of Sharpie. I thought the thick black dye would cover it, but we barely got a deep purple. 
They still have a cool look to them... I'm just conjuring up some experiments to offer the artists. I'd really like to cover the whole thing in paraffin, crackle it, and re-dye it, over night... but I'd need ironing volunteers!!!

The process was fun - lots of chatting and lots of "this small group is awesome!" Agreed! 

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