Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creativity jumpstarts, talking Art, choosing Colors, and starting our ATC series.

Hey everybody! This is Anime Fan! Today we worked on ATC's and learned about what to use for patterns. We had our creative juices going when Bridget brought out a piece of wood with a feather on it. It's a creative exercise. Awsum unicorn thought that it was a gate to an 'alternate universe' for birds.
Mockingjay here! We also made ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and got an amazing present from our art instructor Bridget! Can you guess what it is?? Can you? They were super amazing and exciting SKETCH BOOKS! WOOHOO! I know right?

We learned three tips for making a great-looking ATC's. Use color schemes, Borders make it all better, and be consistent with your art. Well that's it for the day,
Mocking, Awsum Unicorn, and Anime Fan

From Bridget:
Special thanks to Sherwin Williams in Belfast for hooking us up with a beautiful collection of color swatches. They even gave us booklets that already had color palettes put together - perfect for helping us browse, see what draws our eye, and establish our own color schemes!
Um, yup - I think that's her palette!!
Saying you like yellow isn't enough information...

Filling sketchbooks, finding our personal style and inspiration!
We also had an amazing talk about art, in general. The kids are frustrated with not having art in school and we talked about ways we could use art to advocate for ourselves. They were asking about opportunities to make some public art (my words - their idea) that I'll follow up on this week. Love this group!!

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