Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Paint! Colors! Cards!

Hi! It's Awsum Unicorn!
Today we worked on primary colors and secondary colors and how they go together to make the color wheel. Then we worked on making our own creative color wheel - and they actually turned out pretty good!

We worked in our sketchbooks and we made ideas for our ATC's while some people finished up their series.
All in all today was a pretty awesome day. I really love it here, and I really really hope I get to come here again.
Awsum Unicorn

Last Friday we went to Susan White's gallery and made snowflakes - it was really fun. Afterwards a couple of us went back to WFA and got to see the Rusty Bits art show.

 It was really fun - I bought a piece of artwork. Also, I bought everybody free pizza.

If these guys can support the creative economy...
so can you!!! Original works by Baumforth, SOLD!

Everyone agreed to leave one More Art Please ATC in a public place this week, because we want to be known!

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