Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 3 in BRIDGE

Hi! It's me, Awsum Unicorn again! This is our third week meeting with BRIDGE, and we are having the best time! Today we made mixed media in layers. AnimeFan (SH) Shared her artwork today, and we all used our awesome art critique skills on the piece of artwork.

First we made a sketch on a piece of paper, then we traced it onto a plastic sheet in sharpie. Then we painted it in, then we made a background for it.
-Awsum Unicorn

Hey guys, it's me Laila a.k.a Mockingjay! Today is our third week of BRIDGE as Awsum Unicorn said and we made Mixed Media layers!! That was really fun and we used many materials such as acrylic paint, chalk, oil pastel, and water color plus a lot of sharpie! We also used acetate paper to draw our own unique designs that represent ourselves. We were asked to draw an animal that represents us in a unique sort of way. Today was a lot of fun!


Painting on acetate, close up of Laila's palette

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