Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Day With BRIDGE

Hi! I'm Katie, AKA AwesumUnicorn. Today in Bridge we had some new recruits, but with just an oral introduction, they fit right in with the group. We all are having great fun in BRIDGE, and at the same time, we are learning about others and also, ourselves! We all started to learn how to do a good artists' critique without hurting someone's feelings.

Artists shared and thoughtfully critiqued creative takes on the same image.

We were also introduced to ATC's* and I made a really good one (and everyone else's was good)!
Bridge was awesome and I cant wait to come back next week!

*ATC's are artist trading cards. They are 2.5"x 3.5",  they are thicker than paper and you draw on them and trade them, keep them for yourself, or you can leave them in places for people to find.
The ATC's were really fun - it's really cool that you can just draw whatever you want.

My first time here and it's been fun for a first day at waterfall arts. I think it's cool that we can create stuff that we never actually heard about before.

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