Tuesday, November 12, 2013

first day of BRIDGE

Today we started our first day of Bridge Art classes they are after school really fun art classes for free! I am Laila nickname Mockingjay! I really enjoyed the first day. We started off talking about ourselves and introducing and then we saw amazing art works by out art teacher! They were very creative and amazing!! We then filled out these art bios about our selves and how we are all artistic in some sort of way! We then started some new type of art work I had never done before and we had pieces of wood and in the center there was a picture or copy of a hammer. We all got to color or draw maybe even write something on or around the hammer. It was really fun I drew and am drawing around my hammer...
(Laila had to go home before she had a chance to finish this entry!)

(pictures forthcoming - after photo releases are returned! - Bridget)

the original posse:
insane pineapple (M.)
Mockingjay (L.)
super awesome koala bear (K.)

not pictured:

the mouse-obsessed (T.)

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