Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dirt Camp review...

This week we had camp at "The Kingdom", Waterfall Arts' original site, spotted with studios, surrounded by trail-crossed forest and of course, a beautiful stream with a waterfall. It was a low-key affair, with just two campers - both loved hiking the trail and "conquering the river", so we did some of that just about every day. We did get some art making done, too! Here's a guide to our week, in pictures!

The swing (Lily demonstrates in the background, right) trumps the waterfall for Favorite Feature of the Kingdom… followed closely by the sand table.

Success! A mound large and strong enough to withstand 
a hole bored through its base.
Nice job… now can we have some sand back?
Weaving on loom-frames we made from sticks. 

Watercolors and drawing way upstream from the falls.
Bubble snakes with a waterbottle+sock blower.
Lily was the only one to enjoy slimy sand. A lot.
Afterhours debriefing.
Jacob's stick-pal. Lots of these hanging around!
making pulp in the blender with paper scraps...
...for papermaking!
Free time out of the sun, to use whatever materials... boy, was it quiet!
Lily asks her friend to try a texture rubbing of one of her braids.

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