Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scrap box challenge (by Elias)

Today we did the scrap box challenge.
We had limited supplies, and were not allowed to draw. We cut out of phone books, magazines, and newspapers. We used glue to stick the material to small boxes or pizza boxes.
Elias' work in progress. He brought it home and
will share the finished piece next week!
We also used scratch letters. They are super cool.

Try it out! It's really fun. Use scrap material from around you. Next week we'll be having more kids join us, so stay tuned. 
Aidan and Athena chose to collage cubes!
Athena discovered the paint chips and started making a mobile!

A few notes from Bridget: As the year closed, I found the group of combined Bridge kids (the Original Posse 7th graders and the 6th grade newbies) to be a watered down experience for everyone. The things that make Bridge a standout from drop-in art programs were getting lost, especially for kids who have trouble focusing or finding a voice in a crowd. On top of that, my gut sense that 6th and 7th graders (regardless of age) differed socially was super-confirmed! Rather than "turn down" those aspects of each in the name of keeping things moving, I already see the value in letting the artists in each group focus on connecting to themselves and each other*. Today I spent a really valuable two hours with three sixth graders I felt got a little "lost" in the combined group. Their focus and self-awareness (apologizing for interrupting one another) was fantastic. They are grounded and ready to initiate NEW Bridge students next week!
*Kids at Troy Howard Middle School are divided into three Academies, with different teachers and classes. Many kids in the same grade are connecting for the first time in Bridge and at the Game Loft - not only from Troy Howard, but also with home schoolers and Montessori students as part of our growing community of creatives. 

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