Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Original Posse 2015

(written by the whole group)
Today we had a group meeting discussing "the drama" and what we can do to keep it out of Bridge. The sixth graders have moved on to Tuesdays. We'll be doing stuff we haven't created yet and do more stuff out in the community and more living up to our potential.
Bridget also talked to us about how, if we are being not ourselves, we can think about why and use these art books that Bridget got to take some time out and calm ourselves down,  art-out our feelings, and remember what we are here for!

Then we started a very challenging challenge! The scrap challenge! We had to cover up a part of a pizza box in scrappy scraps and one thing from the "bonus box" of scraps. Otakufan22 did a collage that looked like her but she didn't even realize it!

Looks like it's a theme!
Next week we may have two new kids joining us!

Note from Bridget:
Today featured the most epic round of shares to date. Everyone came running through the door at 2:45 freaking out about all of the art they did over break. Kind of a dreamlike moment. A couple of kids got art sets and sketchbooks for Christmas (since their old sketchbooks are full). Almost everyone had a new drawing in a new sketchbook to show. Correction: drawings. I think Maria had over ten pages of pencil sketches. Savanna once again has a "best drawing I've ever done" and spoke to what a long way she's come since last year, when she mostly drew stick figures and wrote words. Olivia's new sketchbook was left open showing a colorful, abstracted, patterned drawing I couldn't attribute to anyone in the group. Pia blew us away with photos she took on vacation last August, and Ethan revealed secret anime skills he's been honing quietly at home, using images and tutorials online. Joe and Trinity had created collages i *really* wish I'd taken pictures of. Trinity's composition was great and Joe pushed through "i want to start over" and came up with something far better than where he'd started. Great day.  

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