Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to the Basics and Super Sophisticated in one day!

Hi. My name in Tinh Ton. I am one of the new guys in Bridge.
We made some flowers out of tissue paper and took pictures to express how we feel in black and white.
My favorite part is when we made flowers out of different colors of tissue paper.

Note from Bridget: I asked the kids if they'd help Waterfall Arts out with some decorations, as they are hosting a big meeting Belfast Creative Coalition is having tomorrow. I explained that BCC and Bridge have a lot of the same goals - to connect artists to each other and the community to artists, and to support creative work. Anyway I assumed these sixth graders had made tissue paper flowers - an early childhood stand-by. I was stunned to find almost none of them had. It was actually a challenge. Learning step by step crafts like this one is so much easier for little ones - the confidence and attention are there, and of course the brains-like-sponges. I was really happy to hear that the kids actually enjoyed this little side project... in addition to creating some truly, truly stunning self portraits. They had full control over the image: composition, light, expression, pose, etc. The camera's LCD screen was facing them so they set up the shot entirely without my even being able to see it before they asked me to click the shutter. They worked with me by the camera after considering a part of themselves they wanted to convey. A big list of feeling adjectives helped. Can't wait to get these printed and framed!

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