Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fourth and Fifth grade CASS kids= Bridge Jr!

What a fun group of kids... including three younger sibling of former Bridge kids!  

We only have an hour so we had a CRASH COURSE in what it means to be a part of the Bridge young artists' community! Pretty great to have a bunch of inspired kids holla back "KNOW THYSELF"!!! when asked what our first goal as growing artists was. We then played a ridiculous game I made up involving more rowdy call and response, to get a sense of what materials were of interest. (Conclusion: they love it all.)

Then a tutorial on bubble letters and basic design strategies.

In a pretty standard "name-art" project, artists took their design process to the next level - choosing their favorite color scheme, font, and unique way of using space, as well as using rulers and pencils to sketch out guidelines.

We broke through "samesies!" and as you can see, everyone managed a truly unique self expression with the same very basic materials. 

Especially impressive and inspiring for me was watching this group's first "critique". After a very rudimentary chat about how it's best done, artists were eager to share their work and give earnest, constructive feedback. This way of ending the session is so effective at getting a cohesive community gelled in a super short amount of time.

Check out more images of work with CASS kids afterschool here.

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