Saturday, November 22, 2014


Technically this is was the second Glow Show, a bucket-list project of mine Waterfall let me have in the classroom there last year when I was just beginning a fledgling Bridge afterschool art club and still had time to make stuff. I'd only just met a handful of kids in Belfast - I printed out some very cool looking cards and put them out around town to see what would happen, but was mostly doing it to say I did it; my best friend was coming up from Boston to bear witness.  I'll never forget opening the classroom door to find a line out the door waiting to see this Glow Show thing. I so wish I had a picture of that.

Fast forward to a year later. Now I have taught at Cornerspring Montessori for a year, including a new Kindergarden group; I've shared the Suminagashi experience with about 200 elementary school kids; I spent the summer making friends at the art tent in town, and the Bridge posse has grown to include 40 kids current and past. I should not have been surprised to have had a fantastic turnout of about 100 people for my 2 hour event. I'd venture to say at least 85 of the 100 were giddy. Check.

Improvements for next year have been noted. It will be darker and therefore glowier.

Feedback from the crew:
So, yeah. This is an annual tradition!

Great job staffing by Bridge OP: Trinity, Olivia, Ethan, Savanna, Joe, Maria, and Pia.

Anyway, this event-party-interactive-experience thing *is* my art, as someone once pointed out to me. So how lucky am I that Waterfall Arts and The Quimby Family Foundation give me the thumbs up to create these things and share them with tons of people as part of my job?

Check out the pictures here.

Until next year, let's raise a glass of glowing Quinine and drink a toast... Glow On.

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