Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Prince and the King!

I liked the painting and I liked the coloring we did - and the best part we did was changing the water and do it all over again -  the part that we really wanted to do was washing the cups and putting the cups with the water in it and the best part was  putting in the z's and the best part of it was going to the bathroom.

Dart's dye.
We went outside today and we did some kind of cloth thing (tie dye paper towels) and we used watercolor and liquid watercolors. First we took some paper towels and we folded them into a square or dsomething then we painted on it, and we would open it up and we had a beautiful color on the paper towel. Sometimes people said, "BAM!" and Henry's phrase, "Awesome Possum"!

Henry teaches resist.
Crayon resist is when you take a piece of paper, get a non-washable crayon, draw what ever you want on it and it really shows up because the paint slides off of it.
We also took watercolors, painted, then as soon as it dried, we drew on them (as a background).


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