Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Improvisations and improvements...

Hi this is Pia, the blogger for today! 
   Today we started by reading the latest BAM newsletter, then Panda shared her scrapbook. After that we went over what we would do today. First we did free draw. During it, Al came in and showed us an art piece that he made at an art workshop. It was a piece of bent-up metal mounted on a (beautiful) piece of wood with poems written on it. 

Then Oktakugirl22, Sparkle04, and Panda made a mixed media abstract landscape, complete with splatter paint fireworks. It's pretty awesome. 

After that we worked together to finish the bathroom stencil project that we started last week (transforming the dingy basement bathroom with cutout stencils and spray paint).
Maria, making a contact paper stencil.

One bathroom wall beautified!

After that we put some stuff away in the supply closet and cleaned up. 

PS... during Share, Pia braided Alice's hair:


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