Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Picasso Mind Babies

Dear readers,

"Finally we got the whole group totally together!! It felt like a full family again!" - Maria
We did shares and everybody loved them.
"I have to say we are getting very good at giving feedback!" - Katie
Katie presents new member Elizabeth with a well-earned Bridge Sketchbook.

 We have started an origami crane count for Joe's goal of 1000 cranes. We started setting goals for ourselves too. We have a list of them to keep each other accountable.
We watched a video and Bridget talked about Picasso's portrait style and we talked about abstract art... and then we cut our shapes and facial features. You couldn't leave any white paper. Katie thought it was really inspiring.

"I liked looking at other people's art styles - it's very different from mine - everybody's is unique. Thats what art is - unique. Fun and creative." -  Alice.

Trinity drew a wolf with dragon wings and Maria flipped out.  "Her mind had a baby".

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