Friday, July 25, 2014

CAMPTIME! Flashback to "MusicMakers"

This camp was crazy fun. I had to created an abridged version for the blog, because it would take up as much time and space as the endless "Out and About" post otherwise. But basically, we were called to the circle every morning by the Drum Song, and kids got themselves checked in by repeating beats, call and response style. After going over plans for the day, we'd wake up our bodies by playing "favorite song freeze"... I DJ'd every kids' favorite song in random order, and kids had to freeze when the music stopped... unless it was YOUR favorite, in which case you kept right on dancing. This ridiculous improvised game was named as a favorite part of the day all week.

"Choices!" time included getting to explore lots of fun instruments with friends.

We made awesome sounding drums out of industrial toilet paper tubes, and played them every day.

After writing (or re-writing) a song, each artist made cover art for their new single. Jimmy Grackle and I helped each music maker record their song so they could have their own CD. Needless to say, the compilation disc is THE mix of the year. A must-have. Some of the track titles: Dark Novas, Chaos Control, Fast White Horse, The First Egg, AND MORE!

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