Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bridge Posse helps with BAM's AAAH Event!

This week was my first All Ages Art Happenings, a series of themed activity-parties on Friday nights at Waterfall Arts. I'm lucky to have a group of local creatives on hand to help me out, because I tend to plan more than my two hands can handle! Katie, Savanna, and Ethan did a great job staffing various hands-on projects around the room, and each even sat at the entry table for  a while. THANKS, GUYS! I agree with the sweet card they made for me afterwards - it was a success!
Lindsey from Earthwalk Wellness giving free chair massages.
SO generous! Hey, is that SAVANNA?

Hush bottles causing a stir.

A happy customer enjoys the sublime comfort of the cuddle patch,
complete with hot water bottle.

Zenfest was fun. It was calming and chill. I got to hot glue the caps to the hush bottles and I got to do other stuff... it was really fun!

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