Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Group, New Day!!!!

Icebreaker! Everyone chooses their favorite piece of artwork in the BRIDGE gallery  (NOT their own), and everyone took a "tour" of favorites, to hear why that one was chosen.
Lots of compliments helped connect the Wednesday and Tuesday groups, together for the first time!

    Hey this is OtakuGirl22 here, today we got new people here and for our first day it was very interesting. A lot of laughing was going on during the class. This is what we did: We went around the room and had to pick what are favorite piece of artwork was, we finished our mosaic piece and it is looking very good, and finally some of us had our face mask made and it was really fun and exciting. I myself wanted cat ears put on my mask. This class was really cool. Next week we are going to create more face masks. See you next time BYE!!!!

Wrote by: OtakuGirl22, A.K.A : Savanna :D!
Edited by: DillC20, A.K.A : Dillon :D! 
Editer's Note: It was fun to edit!

Savannah goes under.
I've been there - this takes some trust! Thanks, Andy!

Kaleb, another trustworthy guy...
He's done this before...

Shout out to Searsport - we love your zine!!! 

Some works in progress:

Kaleb's drawing
More op art by Pia
Maria's CD case painting


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