Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We coulda used a couple 'extra hands...

hi this is fireball here with you today with bridge .

today what we did was .......... we made our very own replacement   of the way we put our hand in our position and we mixed plaster paris and water then we put it in the glove and we didn't have much time so we had to get all the bubbles out and all the stuff in the glove and then to put it in the position that we wanted it to be and mine ............. died .......... two .......... times in a row so sad so sad oh well then i got one but a finger broke ha ha but never mind about that so then after the hands were ry and ready to paint we designed them with perminet markers and painted them the way we wanted . 

-good bye have a nice day from trinity ( fireball ) and the bridge crew 


i forgot to tell you about the gallery and the poets for fools costume party and dance friday April 11 7pm variety show costume contest with prizes cash bar refreshment raffle for island stay dance music reggae band  8 admission at the door - fundraiser for programs waterfall arts 256 high street belfast

and yes again from fire ball have a nice day

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