Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Catching up with the Belfast crew...

Lake is master of abstract geometrics - here, using a
monochromatic color scheme based on his favorite color)

Last week was a bit chaotic. Most explored an array of paint store color samples and developed color schemes or narrowed down their "exact" favorite color, and tried to find materials to replicate it in their sketchbooks.
Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for the generous donation of sample booklets and swatches!

Finding images of room interiors that caught our eye
 made it easier to come up with more complex color schemes. 

Most house paint is a "muted"version of a favorite.
Tori is perpetually thinking out of the box. She glued these strips to
a sheet of acetate I had around, and we backed it with mylar. The hi-gloss look
is great for that color scheme - someone said it reminds them of chilled strawberries!

This week I set up a more specific schedule, with lots of different things to to. We got caught up with each other, shared some at-home art endeavors (yaaaay! I love it!), and picked up a project we started a couple of weeks ago. I think I kind of botched it the first time around - the group was really positive about giving it another shot and we're all much more pleased with the results!
Then everyone got to choose what they were in the mood for  - drawing in their sketchbooks, painting some more stones (look for them around town after the snow melts!), adding to our Creativity poster, or learning about Artist Trading Cards online (for the new folks).
By Maria/AKA Wolfsomething/AKA Italy/ AKA "DOTTY".

Maria was apparently inspired by something I found on Pinterest last week, where an artist painstakingly created a large piece of art from overlapped paint chips. She found a palette of colors she liked from our paint samples and started popping away with the hole punch and laughing like a mad woman. She worked on this for over half an hour straight, and will be for some time! Check back for the finished product!

Then, to prepare backgrounds for a new series of ATC's, we used painter's tape to mask the edges of 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of watercolor paper. Then we added washes of color to serve as cool backgrounds for cards we'll work on next week.

I took the tape off the cards once they were dry and they are SO GORGEOUS! I hope the artists like them as much as I do! Can't wait to see where they go with these!

We had some time to play a few rounds of "Win, Lose, or Draw" and some trivia before it was time to wrap up. BANKSY, people, BANKSY!!!

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  1. Looks like you are have great creative fun! I am intrigued by the color wash cards. And the dots...oh, the dots...!