Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Artist to Artist INTERVIEW #1

Photos and blog by Maria:
(editing by BAM)

We had a wonderful guest come over to Waterfall Arts, Susan Tobey White, who told us all about her art and we learned so much - she has inspired us. The camera crew and the guards all were smiling at the words she said. Her art was an amazing piece and we were all glad she came.

Joe and Katie edit interview questions while Maeve helps sound check.

Olivia on Camera 1
Tori on Camera 2

Video Production 101, in 15 minutes.

SECURITY! Thanks for keeping it quiet on the set!!!!

Susan puts Katie on the spot!

Production team lets the magic happen...
Note from Bridget:
Today I was blown away by the team. The only thing we'd done to prepare for this was write up some possible questions for our guest artist. We divided up jobs, I explained to each what needed to be done, and they pulled off a truly professional job! Tori and Olivia used sketches and tips I gave them about keeping their subjects in frame, interviewees used their clip mics like champs, the interview was cohesive and genuine, and we even got some shy folks to get on camera at the last minute! Now... to edit the footage.... anyone have a week I could borrow? We'll let you know when this baby is ready to air on Belfast Community TV!
THANK YOU, NED LIGHTNER! What an experience! And thank you Susan! Hopefully you'll see some new friends frequenting your gallery!!

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