Monday, July 8, 2013

Teensy Tiny Town ! Day one!

My name is Maggie, and my name is Greta.
We're at camp doing a project on making a tiny town. We have decided in out tiny town theres going to be:
ice cream truck, candy shop, art park, graveyard, hospital, beach, stadium, 1 skyscraper, a dog treat shop, a school, biscuit shop, greenhouses, a diner, a food truck, fire hydrants, interesting traffic lights, wastewater management system, a Christmas-house, modeling studio, one alien, and the town will have an animal neighborhood, and a people neighborhood.
We voted and people decided "SissyManoonoo" is our name of our town.
Clay fun - figuring out a feasible scale for our town.

The architects and builders get to work!
In our town everything is possible.
Our town is awesome because it is colorful, and artistic. Everyone can be themselves. It's sustainable clean energy, with cool parks, play friendly, nature/eco-friendly - na factories! Here your ideas to work. You can't smoke anywhere. There's no pollution, and absolutely no crime. 
I ( Maggie) am working on houses. I'm not done with them yet. I like building them. I'm using paper, glue and tape.
We all have different jobs but are working together.
Come to check it out next week!

Figure specialists making inhabitants.

The City Planners discuss the lay of the land.
Sketching in the animal-neighborhood pond.

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  1. SissyManoonoo sounds like an amazing place! I'm looking forward to seeing it come to life. Thanks, Maggie and Greta, for such a thorough description of your plans and process.