Thursday, July 18, 2013

Only one more day! HUGE progress on TONS of projects!

Ella's life-sized puffy paper person!
Hi it's Pia again. Today we started by working to finish our Puffy Paper Puppets. I finished stuffing my puppet and then I attached the flippers (its a dolphin) then I picked out my paint colors and started painting.  When I was finished painting I got my picture from Bridget and put it on the projector. Then I  traced it on a piece of poster board. When I was finished tracing with the projector I started painting my super sized tracing. When I was finished I gave it to Bridget and she put it to dry. Today was very fun and I can't wait to show my family my art from this week.  
Sydney supersizes her panda...

Hello, this is Lily! Today Megan and I finished our funky puffy paper sheep which we call "the party sheep." I also worked on my projector tracing of a house and a garden. It was difficult, but really fun and I hope I will finish it tomorrow so i can present it. This camp was great and i hope i can do another soon. 

Kyla paints big.

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