Thursday, July 11, 2013

The thursday before completion

The crew reviews what needs to be completed...
Flagmaking w/Bridget

Hi I am Sarah, and I am Jacob.Today we worked on finishing our construction of teeny tiny town. We are finishing and displaying our town, Sissy Manoono, tomorrow.  It is going to be displayed in the gallery of Waterfall Arts. There will be a movie streaming outside the day we display it (Friday). We are just about finished on our tiny town. I brought shells to jazz up the beach in the town. We all worked very hard in the completion of this town  and we are very proud of our work. tomorrow will be a very big day for us and I believe we are very proud of our work. All of us had to work together to make this town actually exist. We have a variety of shops as well as houses and landmarks, our largest landmark is our own Sissy Manoono tower.  It includes a variety of shops, an elevator, and a satellite dish so we may obtain reception.
Photographers got great shots!
Voting: Natural wood for the bridge!

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