Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 2 of BIGNESS

Hi I'm Pia and I'm Shelby. Today we started by re-taping the parts of the town that had broken over night. Then we got out paints and started painting our houses. I taped on the picture of the bricks for the wall of the dungeon and then we painted the bricks and painted in between them. 

We named the town Mustangia, because we wanted our mascot to be a horse. I drew the mascot.

When we were all done painting our houses, we started making puffy paper puppets. We took big sheets of paper and drew a picture of something on them (we supersized our sketches). Then we cut them out and stapled all but one edge. 
Tomorrow we will be stuffing the puppets with shredded paper and then staple the other side.

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