Tuesday, April 16, 2013

tuesdays today

 Today we did many things, the first thing we did water color resist again today. Yesterday we didn't really have a good understanding of it, but today we did really good and came out with some awesome artwork.
it was a lot of fun I really liked to see all the different style of art.

I did a watercolor resist painting called, "the Disorders of Orange". 

After we did the watercolors, me and Rio were testing acrylic paints to see if they were good - especially the really old ones. It was wild - a couple of them squirted all over my arms - it was super messy. My arms and hands and face are covered in paint at this moment.After that, we went outside and found some really cool sticks. We are gonna do a project called spirit snakes. What we did today to start them off was, we started to sandpaper them outside, but then it was getting too windy so we came in. A lot of us finished sanding, then we painted the base coat of them a lot of different colors.

 Today we got really involved with the water resist thing and we were gonna do clay but we ran out of time. Bridget said we're going to do it tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that.
                                         By Ronin!
By Bridget: Today was our first "critique". I'm sorry I didn't get more of this on video - there were several really great, encouraging comments on the artist's work before I grabbed my camera. Parents were kept waiting, so many kids wanted to share their work and offer feedback! 

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