Thursday, April 18, 2013

Papermaking Day

Sadie and Romy speaking, photos by Cameron:
Today we did something fun and messy...Paper making!
Heres how to do it.
First of all, we had to make the mixture of pulpy water.

 Second we put a screen and an empty frame into the pulpy mix. We lifted it out of the water very slowly, and took the frame off of the framed screen.
 Next we put a bigger screen over the framed one. After that, we pressed a sponge over the screen to get some of the water out.We took the framed screen off of the other one, and put a couch towel (pronounced as cooch) over the pulpy almost paper, and pressed down.

 The pulp stuck to the couch towel and we put another couch towel over it. We pressed down on that couch towel, and then took it off. Next we brought the pulpy paper to Bridget, and she ironed it to get the remaining water out. It was a long process, so it took all day. Goodbye! should come to art camp!

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