Saturday, February 23, 2013

Suminagashi School Program at Moses Brown Elementary in Providence.

Moses Brown is a remarkable school with a gorgeous campus and exuberant community in Providence, RI.  My head is typically spinning by the time I get to Erin Hazlett's second grade classroom, taking in the brilliant projects and the inspired learning they convey. The way the staff interact with each other and the kids, the aesthetic of the building interiors, all reflect an abiding respect for children that's missing in many schools.The kids are always excited when I arrive, and are well-primed in Japanese culture! You could hear a pin drop during the super-focused period where kids are marbling... except for those moments when they pull their sheet and see their paper for the first time. It's hard not to squeal! Many hands-clasped-over-smiling-faces. Arigato for having me, guys!

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